Project Reconnaisance

What is a Creative Brief?

“A comprehensive written document for a design project developed in concert by a person representing the business need for design and the designer. The document is focused on the desired results of design – not aesthetics.”

The following questions are the beginning stages for developing a creative strategy and a basis for further discussion and exploration.

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1) What are we trying to accomplish? ?
What are your overall goals for the project? Increase business? Raise credibility? Etc.
2) Who are we talking to? ?
Who is your audience? It can't be everyone. Be as specific as possible. If you had to create a fictitious person that encompassed all of your targeted audiences' traits, who would that be? What is their age? Education level? Hobbies? Profession?
3) What is the single most persuasive idea we can convey? ?
If you could tell us one thing that makes you stand out from everyone else, what would it be? Why?
4) Why should they believe it? ?
Why should your audience trust you?
5) Where are you now? ?
Are you a start-up? Or are you a well established company? Where are you in your business and marketing plans?
6) Where do you want to be? ?
A year from now, two years, five years...?