Our Story

What does furniture design, graphic design & film have in common?

They are each a vehicle for communication and interaction. And they happen to be areas in which we are formally trained.

Why start our own company? We were tired of working for assholes. It’s just that simple.

Kim Spencer, Principal | Creative Director

Protozoa Design’s founder and resident creative holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Crafts (glass working and furniture design) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Design both from Virginia Commonwealth University. In addition, Kim holds a Master of Liberal Arts degree in Film Studies from the University of Richmond.

Spending seven years with an in-house team in higher education, web and interactive media have always been the primary focus. With over a year in planning, Protozoa Design opened its doors in January 2011. While never straying far from continuing her education, Kim is currently engaged in the study of human-computer interaction, exploring how those fundamentals can transcend media.

Kim also teaches visual narrative and web page design in the graphic design program at Virginia Commonwealth University. She served on the board of AIGA Richmond as web director and later as president.

Bill Becker, Business Manager

As Protozoa Design’s resident mathematician, Bill manages all things non-creative—or we should say, non-design.

He studied biology at Virginia Commonwealth University and later received his Certificate in Culinary Arts from University of Richmond.

After years working as a chef in various Richmond establishments and being an avid observer of design, he made the career transition to account management and bookkeeping. It’s not as glamorous as lighting food on fire but he strives to find ways to make numbers flare by directing his cynicism at Quickbooks.

Student Intern

Like Kramerica Industries, we value the importance of bright, young minds. Although we’ve placed our oil bladder system project on hold, we do bring in an intern or two to help out on our project development and mend some chicken wire every now and then.